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Pouch Packaging Machine

The pouch packaging machine using the feeding method of rotating measuring cup. By adjusting the volume of the measuring cup, it can achieve precise control of the blanking amount, automatic measurement and automatic filling. It has stable and reliable performance and easy to adjust which is suitable for granular materials with good fluidity. It adopts the operation mode of bag making first and then filling, the filling port directly penetrates into the bottom of the bag for filling, which can effectively avoid the dust.

Technical advantages

Chip electronic weighing system, fully automatic microcomputer control, high sampling recognition sensitivity, stable function, strong anti-interference ability, high weighing precision.


This packaging machine has new and reasonable structural design can avoid material jams, improve operation reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.


The material of the whole machine is thick and stable, which greatly reduces the vibration during operation and ensures the high weighing precision.


All electrical components are sealed and dustproof installation to prevent dust from entering, the performance of components is stable and reliable which can ensure the equipment durable and stable.


Ease of operation, low cost, stable operation, high packing efficiency, it can be suitable for ordinary powder packing.

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