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HCQ Series Calcium Hydroxide Slaking System

Industrial Grade Calcium Hydroxide Production

The industrial grade calcium hydroxide produced by HCQ slaking system scheme has an obvious lower power consumption than congeneric equipment. The electricity consumption for producing calcium hydroxide is 18-23 kw / ton (based on the content of available calcium oxide).

Calcium Hydroxide Quality standard

Calcium hydroxide implements the standard of HGT4120-2009 Industrial Calcium Hydroxide.

The ash calcium powder implements coating grade ash calcium powder standard -001-2016.

Raw Material Selection for Calcium Hydroxide Production

Metallurgical lime is not recommended for deep processing, the lime for producing calcium hydroxide and ash-calcium powder must meet the requirements of deep processing. It is suggested to use the available calcium oxide above 90% for calcium hydroxide production, and the whiteness of lime for gray calcium powder production must be in high quality.

Mill features

Control System

Various configuration modes are available: 1. Manual control 2. Automatic control 3. Manual + automatic dual control mode 4. Intelligent water distribution system


Dust collection effect

Dual dust removal system of pulse bag filter and water dust removal. The dust removal efficiency can reach ≤5mg/m³, which is more environmentally friendly.


Slaking system

It has the function of pre-slaker, which can maintain high and constant temperature for slaking, and it takes small footprint, larger volume and longer effective length than similar domestic equipment, higher slaking efficiency.


Pre-slaking system

1.The pre-slaking blade adopts removable alloy wear-resistant bushings for long-term wear resistance and ease of replacement.

2.The optimized single shaft for uniform dispersion effect as the dual shaft, reducing the chance of dual shaft breaking blades and shafts.

3. There is no need for manual cleaning due to power outage or abnormal shutdown, which improves the on-site environment, the machine can be started up again.


Homogenization system

1. It can Increase the calcium hydroxide pulverized degree. 2. Reducing the temperature of the calcium hydroxide final product.


Fast hot water slaking

Using slaking heat to heat the system water temperature to about 80℃ in 5 minutes, which increase the slaking speed and grinding rate.


Degree of slaking

The whole slaking length is 35-40 meters, which takes 100 minutes to slake thoroughly.

Calcium Hydroxide Equipment Features


HC Slaker

Project HC Calcium Hydroxide Specialized Equipment
Water distribution system Intelligent water distribution system Capacity High output, up to 30t/h per unit
Slag discharge Slag can be discharged to improve the purity of calcium hydroxide after slaking Power
and energy consumption
1. low installed capacity per unit2. Low energy consumption per ton
Dual dust collection Dual dust collection system of Jet bag filter dust collector and water spray dust collector with standard efficiency Fineness Adjustable Fineness between 80 mesh - 600 mesh, uniform particle size distribution
Pre-slaking system Pre-slaking system uses alloy wear-resistant material for long term usage Slag discharge Accurately slag discharge according to customer requirements
Constant temperature and fully slaking, less occupied area, long effective length, fully slaking Floor area less occupied area per unit
Unmanned Operation PLC automatic control to strengthen quality control ability Reliable performance Low vibration, low noise, stable operation and reliable performance of the machine
Hot water slaking Fast hot water slakes ash can speed up slaking and milling rate Environmental protection The whole sealing system basically realizes dust-free workshop

Comparison of HC Calcium Hydroxide Equipment with other manufacturers


HC slaker

Other manufacturers

Control system

A variety of configuration modes

  1. Manual control
  2. Automatic control
  3. Dual control mode: manual + automatic
  4. Intelligent water distribution system
Single configuration

Double dust collection effect

  1. Jet bag filter dust collector and water dust collector

Dust collection efficiency ≤5mg/m3

Jet bag filter dust collector≥100mg/m3

Pre-slaking system

  1. Pre-slaking blade adopts removable alloy wear-resistant bushing for long-term usage and easy exchange.

2. Use single-shaft mixer to achieve the uniform dispersion effect of double -shaft mixer to decreases the probability of broken shaft of double -shaft mixer.

3. In case of power outage or abnormal shutdown, you can start the equipment again while no need to clean up manually.

1. Blade wear requires manual welding which requires heavy maintenance workload.2. The double shaft has a probability of a broken shaft broken blade.3. In case of power outage or abnormal shutdown, manual cleaning is required before re-start again.

Slaking system

With pre-slaking function, maintains high and constant temperature for slaking, less occupied area, and the volume more than 10% larger than peer equipment. The effective length is over 50% longer than peer equipment, more sufficient slaking. 1.Short length2.Small volume

Homogenisation system

1.Increase the calcium hydroxide pulverization rate.2.Reduce the temperature of the calcium hydroxide. Only slaking part, no homogenizer

Fast hot water slaking

By utilizing the slaking heat, the water temperature of the system is heated to about 80° C in 5 minutes, which speeds up slaking speed and pulverization rate Common slaking device

Slaking Degree

The length of slaking is about 35-40 meters, and takes 100 minutes, thoroughly slaking. The length of slaking is about 12-18meters,and takes 40 minutes, slaking is not thoroughly .

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