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Grinding Ring

Technical advantages

The wear resistance of the mill accessories is significant. Generally, many people consider that the harder the product, the more wearable it is, therefore, many foundries advertise that their castings contain chromium, the amount reaches 30%, and the HRC hardness reaches 63-65. However, the more dispersed the distribution, the greater the probability of forming micro-holes and micro-cracks at the interface between the matrix and the carbides, and the probability of fracture will also be Bigger. And the harder the object, the harder it is to cut. Therefore, making wear-resistant and durable grinding ring is not easy. Grinding ring mainly using the following two types of materials.


65Mn (65 manganese): this material can greatly improve the durability of the grinding ring. It is has the characteristics of high hardness, excellent wear resistance and good magnetism resistance, it is mainly used in the powder processing field where the product needs to remove iron. The wear resistance and the toughness can be greatly improved by normalizing and tempering heat treatment.


Mn13 (13 manganese): the durability of the grinding ring casting with Mn13 has been improved compared with 65Mn. The castings of this product are treated with water toughness after pouring, the castings have higher tensile strength, hardness, plasticity and non-magnetic properties after water hardening, making the grinding ring more durable. When subjected to severe impact and strong pressure deformation during running, the surface will undergo work hardening and form martensite, thereby forming a highly wear-resistant surface layer, the inner layer maintains excellent toughness, even if it is worn to a very thin surface, the grinding roller can still withstand greater shock loads.

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